Tips To Clean Your Sex Toys

Sex toys like dildos, vibrators and plugs are great tools to help discover your sexuality. However, they can easily transmit diseases or build up bacteria if you clean or store them the wrong way. Fortunately, it is easy to keep them clean and safe as long as you follow the right tips.

General Rules

As you might already knew, there are many special cleaners you can buy to disinfect most materials. However, you probably don’t need those fancy stuff to get the jobs done. The fact is that most of the sex toys on the market (those made of glass, silicone and stainless steel), whether porous or not, can be cleaned up adequately with warm water and regular old soap only.

But to avoid any possible irritation, a soap that is gentle and fragrance is needed. And if it is a battery-powered or any kind of electric toy you got, don’t submerge the mechanical parts unless it is 100% waterproof, or you will cut down the life of it for sure.

For the toys that don’t come with any electrical components or batteries like stainless steel, Pyres or glass toys, boiling them or washing them in the dishwasher for a short time is okay.

You can safely disinfect hard plastic and leather toys with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, too.

Clean tips For Each Material

1. Silicone (Non-porous) is probably the best material in the sex toy world. Usually, cleaning them up is a breeze. Just give it a quick wash with a soap that’s mild and fragrance-free in lukewarm water will do the trick. After that, use a towel to pat dry. Some people argue that boiling silicone toys is okay. But I would not recommend that method since most silicone toys have batteries.

2. Jelly toys (porous) require a more thorough cleaning process since they are more problematic. They are porous and there is no way to disinfect it completely. Wash it in warm water with soap. You can also try a specific sex toy cleaner for extra-clean oomph.

Personally I would recommend you guys stay away from this type of toys as they could do harm to your body,  not to mention the easy infection caused by them.

3. Glass toys is non-porous, so wash them in lukewarm water with mild soap and then pat dry.

4. Toys made of plastic are porous. You can clean them like jelly toys. But every trace of soap must be gotten off since those sex toys can absorb the soap and bring any mucus membrane future irritation, especially when you don’t apply condoms in the process.

5. Pyrex is non-porous. You can clean pyrex toys in different ways. You can boil it or wash it in soap water. Besides, you can also throw it into the dishwasher. No fuss, no mess. The same goes for stainless steel toys

6. Just like jelly toys, cyberskin ones are porous, and you can’t never disinfect them. They could also be unsafe for your body, too. Anyway, the cleaning method are almost the same the jelly ones, except for the air dry. BTW, if you want to put it back in your body, don’t use any talcum powder.

Pay Attention To Porous Materials

It’s also very important to know that toys that are of made of porous materials like rubbery jelly can not be sanitized completely, which means that there could always be some bacteria lurking left. That’s exactly the reason why it’s best to use these toys with a condom which serves as a protection layer to keep the delicate parts of you far away from those materials that could be potentially harmful, as well as to avoid infection.

At last, you should pay more attention to proper storage to keep your toy bacteria-free and clean, as well as to preserve the life of it. It’s best to remove the batteries when in storage. This will make the vibrator easier to clean and safer to use.

Some Care Tips

Before you store your toys back in wherever you keep them, make sure to clean them. This way you will not re-contaminate with your drawer. Another thing to know is to dry them so that they won’t grow gross mildew. Excessive heat or sunlight might cause warping, melting or discoloration. So make sure to keep them in dark and cool place.