LELO INA 2 Review – The Best Rabbit Vibrator All Around

LELO INA 2/ Wave rabbit vibrator, the latest version from LELO, is claimed to be an elegant, extremely well designed and improved version of the existing tried, tested and loved original INA Luxury rabbit vibrator. Click here to check price of INA 2 on official LELO.com site

But does it live up to the hype? Read through this review where I will compare INA 2 with INA, the former bestseller, to make the right decision.

LElO INA 2 VS INA - What To Expect?


There are a lot of improvements that LELO has incorporated in the latest INA version. It is heartening to know that consumer feedback do not go waste.The company does listen. Here goes –

  • Longer, wider and more curved main shaft for better internal stimulation – helps in deeper insertion and aids G-spot releases
  • In the latest version, the length of the base handle has been reduced giving INA 2, 2 cms of extra shaft length (Yes, size does matter)
  • Better curved and more flexible clitoral shaft – to enhance external stimulation
  • The gap between the two shafts has been increased by almost a centimetre. This helps manoeuvring the product better on the body contours – to ensure that the device hugs the body in the just the right places
  • Has 8 different function settings and promises 100%more power compared to the earlier version
  • Completely waterproof – can be used in showers and baths
  • Low sound compared to INA. This discreet feature is a winner.

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Both the versions are made from soft touch silicone coating and ABS plastic. Being latex and phthalate-free, both options are extremely safe to use.

The materials and surfaces used in the products also ease out the entire washing process. Just some soap and warm water should do the job.

Physical Attributes – Packaging

The new improved INA 2 does come in a gift box packaging, sleeker and longer than the original INA. The box looks classy with the silver LELO stamped in the centre of the outer packaging. The box is either purple, lime green or orange, as per the colour of the product inside.


The product is visually depicted on the back on the box. The outer packaging contains a matte black inner box, which opens up a world of passion. INA 2 peeps out from inside, finely crafted yet subtle. The velvet interior also adds to the gorgeousness. At this point I feel I could devour it up with my eyes!

A compartment within the inner box houses the other components of the pack – an international charger, LELO’s lube, product registration card, a manual and a personal pouch in satin to store the device in. Ah wonderful! And it just gets better from here onwards.

LELO INA package

Product registration card

Both products have a 1 year warranty and a 10 year guarantee period. However, I always face a strange predicament with warranty cards. I never find it when I need it. Most of the time I end up paying for repairs when my product is under the warranty period. LELO has come up with a brilliant solution.

We now receive our own product registration card along with the newer INA 2. This makes it extremely easy to store with the other plastic cards in the wallet and reduce the chances of misplacing or damaging it.

Elegant Design And Body-safe Material

Both the base and inside are made from ABS plastic, which means that it is totally rigid, and the insertable shaft and clitoral arm are coated with FDA-approve, body-safe silicone. Unlike many silicone vibrators on the market, there is a matte finish with the silicone, which doesn’t attract dust or fluff, and comes with little drag. Both the silicone and ABS plastic are free from phthalates, latex and odour.

The shaft comes with a flowing shape. For most of part, it is non-textured, except for 2 raised lines running along the right and left. Some gals mistake it for seam.You can feel them with your fingers when not in use. In a word, the design is elegant, modern, user-friendly and, more importantly, nothing like an ugly penis.

There are 3 colors to choose from: pruple, lime and orange.

Product Functions

LELO INA 2 comes with user-friendly control design which allows you to find and press the control button easily, due to a lot drag of the buttons. A elegant indicator on the button lights up when you press it and stops as your finger leaves it. It will helpful for you to identify if it is on travel lock or there is any charge left. There is also a detailed instruction to guide you how to use the travel lock function which might save you some unnecessary, embarrassing moment.

LELO button

The Ina 2 is defaulted to be travel locked when out of the box. It’s recommended by LELO to give it a 24-hour charge for the first time. After that, it only takes about 2 hours to fully charge it, which will pay you back with 4 hours’ play. The battery is able to hold charge for up to 90 days. But who the heck would wait that long?

The control panel is in the base of the product and has 4 buttons, the up and down buttons go through the 8 patterns. The plus and minus buttons increase or decrease the intensity and speed settings. The different modes have varied functions like

  • External stimulation only
  • Internal stimulation only
  • Both internal & external vibration
  • Pulsing in both clitoris and internally
  • Ramping up pulsing from low to high
  • Ramping up pulsing from high to low
  • Crazy mix – be surprised!

You got 7 vibration intensity settings to choose from, ranging from ‘Oh Yeah’ to ‘WOW’. This gadget is undoubtedly a seriously powerful rabbit vibrator, maybe one of the most powerful bunny toys on the market. However, Ina 2 is surprisingly quiet for the amount of power it provides. Of course, the noise will increase as the vibration does, but not to an unreasonable level. The maximum level is about 50dB which is quite acceptable

Both versions of the Ina have the charging point at the bottom of the handle. There is a bung that can be removed completely, to fit in over 60 inches of charger cable.

User Experience

A bunny vibe is also known as a dual stimulation vibrator, which is for extern, internal or G-spot stimulation. If you’ve ever come across any of the crappy cheap bunnies out there, you will often find a rotating shaft, low quality or even unsafe materials and limited features. The Ina2, however, is just the opposite.

The insertable shaft doesn’t bend or flex, which is the best for g-spot stimulation when with the curved tip. You can easily glides the shaft in place with very little lubricant because of the soft coating. Rather than trying hard to feel the texture, you can just concentrate on the vibrations with the help of smooth shaft.

You can definitely use it under the water, due to the 100% water proof design, but only in the shallow water.



  • Longer, wider and more curved main shaft
  • Clitoral arm more flexible to work with
  • More power
  • Waterproof
  • Not noisy


  • Deficient user manual – manual gives out incomplete information, leaving the customer to resort to a lot of guess work

Who It Is For?

It is a bit tricky to figure out which type of gals this toy is perfect for. As you can tell from the pictures, the top of the shaft is not small but it’s also not hard to glide in. However, those who are new to toy love may find it a little tricky with Ina 2, as well as those who like clitoral vibration more. Otherwise, there is a great chance that you will love it.

How much is the cost difference

INA 2 – Check today's price on official LELO site

INA – LELO no longer sell this product,but you can buy this product on Amazon for less.