How To Choose The Best Rabbit Vibrator


Every rabbit vibrator differs in quality and size. Actually, rabbit vibrator is nothing but a descriptive term for dual action vibrators. During the manufacturing process, the design is specifically stressed for simultaneous vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation.

RABBIT Vibrators are known in large part for their feature role in an episode of “Sex in the City”. The Vibrators came into existence way back in 90’s. The internet has played a key role in the promotion of Vibrators.

History of Rabbit Vibrator

As far as I remember, once upon a time, I heard a story about the history of the rabbit vibrators. A Japanese sex toy manufacturer is mainly considered the inventor of the rabbit vibrators. The earliest vibrators were straight and could only be used for the purpose of penetration or external stimulation.

This Japanese inventor was very intelligent. He was aware with the fact that women prefer finger penetration for experiencing orgasm.  This awareness of him inspired him to invent such a dual Vibrator to help them. As a result of it, he added a finger to the shaft of a vibrator for adding clitoral stimulation.

In accordance with a Japanese customs, he made a rabbit instead of putting an actual finger on a vibrator. As a result, it is called a rabbit vibrator.

Different types of descriptors are used for selling these rabbit vibrators. For some vibrators, Jack rabbit is used as a descriptor whereas some of them are described as “Simply Dual Action”. The Rabbit Vibrators are known for combining external or internal vibration. As far as a finger attached to its shaft is concerned, it simultaneously stimulates the clitoris.

Rabbit vibrators can be intimidating for beginners. Using a rabbit vibrator solo or Couple acts can be spiced-up.  Different shapes of rabbit vibrators are available in the market. Using my experience to the fullest, I have learnt about some of the best rabbit vibrators that I would like to explain here about.

See the following list of the best rabbit vibrators.

  • Jopen Vanity
  • California Exotics Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator
  • Trinity Vibes Rabbit Vibrator
  • Golden Triangle Triple Threat
  • Pipe Dreams Next Generations Rabbit Pearl
  • Golden Triangle Tongue Twister

1. Jopen Vanity


If you don’t bother about the cost for buying the best vibrator then Jopen vanity cannot be ignored at all. You won’t get three to four times better vibes for orgasm. But the best quality and advanced features of this device justify its higher price tag.

In my opinion, having a look at the features of this device will be a better idea. Following are the advantages of Jopen Vanity rabbit vibrator:

  1. It is waterproof and rechargeable.
  2. Dual Motor enables the shaft and bunny ears to move independently.
  3. Its extra power allows you to turn it up without any hassles.
  4. Without a doubt, users can expect it to last longer than any other average vibrator.
  5. On top of everything, you stand a chance to save money on batteries.

You will love it. Buying this vibrator is also a safe option as it comes with a guarantee. Its price varies according to your requirements and the budget. Its minimum price is $40 and the maximum price is $149. Just determine your budget and requirements and choose the one you need.

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2. California Exotics Thrusting Jack Rabbit

If you don’t want to spend heavily on purchasing a vibrator, this one will sure be your avenue. It is clinically tried and tested. On top of that, it has earned ample positive customer feedback under its belt. Looking at its feature, you might consider buying it. Let me tell you some of its amazing features.

See the following advantages of California Waterproof and jack Rabbit:

  1. As per me, you may have to shell out some extra money for this one. Remember, paying $42 for the best quality at an affordable rate like this is not a bad deal at all.
  2. 3 Rows of incredible “thrusting” beads and 2 rows of non-jamming rotating beads and 6 speeds of thursting motion.
  3. Its head is a soft as jelly.
  4. It is waterproof.
  5. One touch activation and 30 days warranty are the best feature of this rabbit vibrator.
  6. It does not a lot of bells to produce much sound.
  7. Its clear look definitely makes it unique in itself.

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3. Trinity Vibes Rabbit vibrator


This is also one of the best affordable options for every beginner. Its affordable price of $24 and simple mode of operation make it my favorite vibrator. What I like the most about it is that I can carry it anywhere in the world and use it to please myself. It is almost quiet that allows me to enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

It is one of the safest options for a newbie to explore. Let’s discuss the features that make a standout vibrator.

Following are the features of Trinity Vibes Rabbit vibrator.

  1. Its shaft is made of rubber jelly, adding to its smoothness.
  2. Easy to control power vibrators are located at the bottom.
  3. 8 inches length and 1.25 inches insertable diameter add to your sex act for your enjoyment.
  4. It runs only 2 AA batteries.

An important note: Trinity Vibes Rabbit Vibrator has specifically been manufactured in accordance with the U.S electronics specifications. As a result of it, apart from the Americans and the Canadians, everyone may need additional modifications and converters.

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4. Golden triangle Triple Threat


Don’t worry about the price. This one definitely fits your budget from every angle. The beginners will surely love this one. If you are a beginner too then you would also like to bookmark this wonderful vibrator for yourself

The beginners are strongly advised to be careful while using a golden triangle triple threat vibrator.

Mentioned below are the advantages of Golden triangle triple threat:

  1. It can be yours just for $40 or less.
  2. It is not noisy at all.
  3. Easy to use and carried.
  4. Soft jelly shaft which increases you fun.

Its shaft does not vibrate at all and the other thing that you might not like is that it needs not less than four AA batteries to run. Apart from these two things, this Vibrator scores not less five stars.

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5. Pipe Dreams Next Generation Rabbit Pearl


This affordable rabbit vibe is known for its special rotating shaft. To add more to your sexual pleasure, using its control buttons at the base, you can control it with ease. Want to get some extra sensation deep inside your vagina? If your answer is yes then this vibrator deserves to be bought by the millions. As far as the pleasure beads installed on it make your sex act unforgettably pleasurable for you.

This next generation rabbit pearls are completely wireless stimulator. Looking at its design, you will feel seduced and you might want to give it a shot on the spot. Its control at the base makes it better than its predecessors. The wires have been removed to add to add excitement to your wildest sexual fantasies.

See the following advantages of Pipe dream next generation rabbit pearl:

  1. Its weight of 12.8 ounces makes it a light weight vibrator to be carried anywhere in the world.
  2. Regarding warranty any issue, APO’s/FPO’s are always ready to help you.
  3. Being a user, you deserve to given warranty by the manufacturing firm. This is possible through customer care service.
  4. The power control in your hands gives you the luxury of controlling your orgasmic encounter just at the cost of $40.

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Buy it, try it and jump into the ocean of ecstasy in with this Pipe dream next generation rabbit pearl. I can even bet that this vibrator deserves to score nothing less than five stars.

6. Golden Triangle Tongue Twister


As far as I think, I don’t see people thinking about anything like that. To be very frank, this is something out of the blue. It is not a kind of rabbit vibrator at all. This little device can prove to be a fantastic gift for a bachelorette party.

To be very frank, this one successfully finds a place in my list of the best rabbit Vibrators. In other words, this can be called a fake tongue. Let’s take a look at the advantages of golden triangle tongue twister.

Following are the advantages of golden triangle tongue twister.

  1. It costs not more than $25.50.
  2. It does get drained like its predecessors.
  3. Its wide range of motions earns it a place amongst multi function vibrators.
  4. It runs on removable battery.
  5. It is totally free of phthalate.
  6. What makes it one of the best sex toys is its ability to provide you vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time.

Most importantly, this little sex toy has particularly manufactured for the purpose of simulating the thrills and spills of oral sex.

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At last, only you can decide the best sex toy for yourself. I advise everyone to read customer reviews. You can also consult someone who regularly visits a good sex toy shot. My experience advises only the best sex toys over the cheaper sexual toys. Don’t compromise with the quality for saving some amount of money.